19 d’abr. 2009

The bloody bridge

It was a very dark night, and the moon was hiding between the clouds.
A man was crossing a bridge, slowly, and looking down to the river. His hand was shaping the stone of the bridge, and he looked thoughtful. Then, he stopped in the middle of the bridge. The lights were illuminating his white face, and his lips were moving slowly, singing a silent song. His white skin contrasted with his black clothes and hair. He seemed a vampire, or some kind of magical creature.
Suddenly, a woman arrived. She was dressed in white, and her skin was pale. Her hair was dark too, and it was dancing with the wind.
They looked to each other in a sad way, and then, the young woman pulled a knife from noway and threw it to the man's heart. The blood fell, and the man too. But the woman put her hands on her heart, and she saw that a fine cut was growing. She watched her hands, and she saw they were red of blood. Then she fell down. It was over.

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