5 de març 2010


Since I was born I’ve been in love with you.
I’ve never been able to be so sure
Of something, as that our love is so pure,
Although you never gave me any clues.

I can see in your eyes always the truth;
Don’t tell me you don’t love me anymore.
Although I will never say “I’ll be yours”,
My heart is being divided in two.

I can’t describe what I feel in a line,
But instead of writing I can sing,
So you listen to my voice, to my lies.

When I talk you never know what I mean,
And although I’ve never felt so alive,
Your words kill me, and then I cannot win.

Sorry per les faltes, el cursilisme, la rima assonant, etc. El meu nivell d'anglès no és el de Shakespeare (llegeixi's amb tooootes les lletres xD), però diuen que l'intenció és el que compta :P

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