30 de nov. 2009


I never thought it was going to happen. The lights on the road were shining, but there was a dark ambient. A body was lying in the middle of the road, and there weren't any noises, any life.
Suddenly, the body opened his eyes and woke up. He turned his head left and right, and left again, and he started walking to me.
When he did the first step, a loud mix of noises almost made me deaf. I payed attention to every sound and I realized they were dogs barking, but not only the dogs of the neighbourhood; of all the city. I turned again and I almost fell: he was in front of me, at one centimeter of my face. His dead eyes were blue, they looked like glass. He put his hands on my face and fixed his eyes in mine. Strongly, hardly. His hands started to shake, and my head hurt as it was going to explode. Then, suddenly, he began disappearing, as smoke. I felt him getting inside my eyes, and passing through my neck to arrive at my chest, inside of me. My heart hurt a lot, only for one second, and then it all was over. Silence.
I was damned, and he was going to stay in my heart forever.

Mmmmm sorry per les faltes que I could have done. :D

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  1. And he's the owner of your heart... But not for evermore. Think, my lady, that love's not forever althoug we want it that way. You can think that he'll be forever your only one, and your heart will keep frozen... But only until the right one appears. Then, you'll remember him, what happened and how you felt. But it won't hurt you anymore.